Marlborough has the widest high street in Britain and this is home to many cafes, gift shops and clothing boutiques, both independents and chains. It has a twice weekly market on Wednesdays and Saturdays selling fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, plants, hardware and other items.

Hungerford is well known for its many antique shops. A mile out of the town is Cobbs Farm Shop which has a butcher, fishmonger, florist, cafe and deli and in the summer you can pick your own fruit and vegetables.

Swindon has both a town centre and several out of town shopping areas offering mainly the large chain stores. It also has a MacArthur Glen Outlet Centre where you will find many bargains across a wide range of shops.

The area is served by the following supermarkets; Hungerford - Tesco; Marlborough - Waitrose & Tesco; Swindon – Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Asda.

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