History & Ancient Monuments

Avebury and Silbury Hill

The World Heritage site of the ancient stone circle of Avebury is a 30 minute drive from Aldbourne. It is a National Trust property and although entry to the stone circle is free, there is a museum and the recently re-opened Avebury Manor which charge a small fee. Silbury Hill is the largest man made mound in Europe and compares in size to one of the Egyptian pyramids. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/avebury 


One of the most visited tourist sites in the UK, the stone circle at Stonehenge is an hour's drive from Aldbourne. Self guided audio tours are available and there is a small museum. www.stonehenge.co.uk

White Horses of Wiltshire

The internationally renowned White Horse of Wiltshire including :

  • Westbury (1778) the oldest of the White Horses located on Westbury Hill, Bratton Down. It is regarded as one of the best of the White Horses due to its prominent location. Visitors wanting to get nearer to the White Horse can park in a car park off the B3098 just east of Westbury for an excellent viewing point.
  • Cherhill (1780) located east of Cherhill village beneath Oldbury Castle earthwork. The Horse can be seen well from the A4 and footpaths lead to around the site.
  • Marlborough (1804) a small White Horse which is not as visible as some of the others due to nearby trees however it can be seen from various points around Marlborough.
  • Alton Barnes (1812) on Milk Hill, a mile north of Alton Barnes village. This Horse overlooks the Vale of Pewsey and the new Pewsey White Horse. The best views can be seen from the village.
  • Hackpen (1838) located on the edge of the Marlborough Downs, two miles south of Broad Hinton village.
  • Broad Town (1864) three miles south of Royal Wootton Bassett this Horse was quite neglected until the formation of the Broad Town White Horse Restoration Society in 1991. The Horse can be reached from footpaths from the village.
  • Pewsey (1937) set a mile south of the village; this Horse overlooks the Vale of Pewsey and is located very close to the site of the original White Horse.
  • Devizes (1999) the most recent of the White Horses, carved in celebration of the Millennium. Located on Roundway Hill, overlooking the village of Roundway – this is the only Horse in Wiltshire to be facing to the right.

Roman Baths in Bath

The Roman Baths are just over an hour's drive from Aldbourne.  www.romanbaths.co.uk

Crop Circles

You will usually find many crop circles in the county of Wiltshire, often close to ancient monuments.  Crop circles are usually seen in late April and continue through the summer months as the crops are ripening. They have received a lot of media attention over the past few years and nowt housands of visitors come to see them.




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